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Why Aquasource

Aquasource facial treatment was developed by its R & D Team on the philosophy of curative treatment. Over 20 years of expertise & professionalism in innovative and highly effective beauty treatments leading AQUASOURCE a brand that you must try on.

Water,  the essence to our skin.

The sea holds the power to protect, heal and renew.

Full of vitality, the sea is the ultimate source of life .

Aquasource skin care is derived from deep sea botanical , the nine species of marine molecules belonging to classes of Gastropoda, Bivalvia and Cephalopoda. It is the ultimate source for lift and vitality, and the very essence of our skin care.






Recent Facial Treatment & Aesthetic Skills

2012 : BlackWaWa Reactivate Treatment

2013 : BlackWaWa Acne Treatment

2014 : Skin Rejuvenate Treatment

2015 : Skin Elixir Treatment

2016 : Moxibustion skills

Recent Facial Treatment & Aesthetic Skills

2017 : DynaLift Treatment + Face Re-sculpturing Technique

2018 : Meridian RA Treatment

2019 : Advance Ovary Care

2020 : Dynamic Glow Treatment

2020 : Rose Petal Treatment