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About Us

About Us

Aquasource Skin Care Sdn. Bhd. is a leading and reliable OEM manufacturer of skin care products under for the domestic and International markets.

Our manufacturing plant has been incorporated with the latest technological innovation in production, laboratory and research in moving towards greater demand for natural plant based products and innovative concepts.

Our Core Values, Vision & Mission

Integrity, Quality and Responsibility will be our core values to maintain customer satisfaction by developing superior quality products with a vision to achieve the use of plant based ingredients by moving into green technology. Our mission is to achieve eco-label certification for our discerning customers who have aspired to develop such family range personal care products.

We aspire to achieve the best formulations to meet the needs of our customers through competences in teamwork, experience and knowledge of up-to-date technology at providing the challenges in the personal care and cosmetic industry now and in future.

Our Commitment

To deliver the best of our services in meeting the aspirations of our valued customers by supplying them only superior quality prod

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